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Goggle Buying Tips

Paintball 2Xtremes MagazineThere are several brands of goggles made specifically for Paintball. Paintball goggles are the only goggles you should be wearing on the Paintball field (or on the sidelines). Remember, not all goggles made are okay for Paintball. Some companies make goggles for other industries that simply won't protect you adequately for paintball.

There are a few things to look for when deciding on which goggles to purchase. Single lens goggles will fog much easier than thermal lens (dual pane) goggles. Thermal lens goggles cost almost twice as much though. There are goggles lens inserts available that will help prevent fogging on single lens goggles and there are various "anti-fog" sprays available as well, but don't expect them to be the cure-all of your fogging problems. If they worked so well there would be no need for double lens goggles. Another thing to consider is protection. Some of the inexpensive goggles don't have ear protection or they have limited cheek protection. Pick up some good goggle lens cleaner and a soft non-abrasive rag. Lenses scratch easily so be careful.